We are setting out many of our plantings for 2018 in May.  Our weather has been fairly mild compared to last year, so it looks to be a good start for the market garden.
Here is what we have planted this year.  A few new heirloom tomato varieties are growing in their own special location.  We hope to save seed and plant over the next few years to prove out this variety for our area.  We procured the organic seed from Bakers Creek Seeds.  Black Beauty and Blue Beauty are the two varieties we are testing out.
We have many of our old tomato favorites too, black krim, purple cherokee, black vernissage, violet jasper, carbon, and more.  A large assortment of peppers are growing.  Sweet peas are coming on strong and all the spring greens are happy with this cooler weather.  We have many varieties of herbs growing and the coveted cilantro in large herb beds.  Beans are up and progressing, we are trying a new one, Scarlet runner Beans.
Strawberries are setting lots of big sweet berries.  We expect to begin picking by the 3rd week in June.  Our Hazelnuts are setting a large number of catkins.  Fingers crossed, we might be offering our first crop of hazelnuts this season.
In our perennial beds we have a large variety of fruits, blackberries, goji, elderberry, seaberry and honeyberry.  We will be offering plant starts in the fall from our stock.